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frequently asked questions

what can I Learn in the Workshop?

You can Learn Professional Image-Editing in Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photohsop.

what is the timing of the workshop?

Workshop would be held only on Saturday and Sunday each month. There would be only 8 Classes each month.

Do you Give certificate of completion?

Yes, after completion of 3 months workshop you will get your certificate of completion within a month.

where would workshop be held?

Workshop would be held at:- 262, Gali NO. 13, Gram Sabha Colony, Singhu Border Road, Opp. Gurudwara, Narela, Delhi-110040

i am beginner can i attend?

Yes! Absolutely, you don't need prior knowlwdge of Adobe Photohsop or Adobe Lightroom. You can learn Basics to Advanced techniques in both the Workshops.

what is the duration of the workshop?

Each Workshop Duration is 3 months.

what do i need to attend?

You need to have Laptop for better learning and Photoshop or Lightroom installed. You can download the trial version from Adobe's website.

is the fees refundable?

NO, the fees once paid would not be returned in any condition.

do you provide placement?

NO, we don't provide placements but the skills you acquire from this Workshop would help you get placement.

do you offer online courses?

Yes! I do have online courses. You can check them out by clicking here.

what others say about my courses?

It helped me to inprove my skills on section masks and blending modes a lot... Also it bust up my creativity, thanks......
"I enjoyed this course very much. I've been using Photoshop for years but I learned new techniques for enhancing landscape images by following along with the instructor of this course."
Jeremy Smith
"This is a very enjoyable course and I have learned a lot. The instructor explains all the concepts in depth in an understandable way."
Liz Dunbar
"Instructor was clear and concise. The way he divided the course into several layers helped to focus on what he was teaching. It's not a long boring class but short and stays on focus. Rate this one a 5 star. I didn't do the first three lessons because I am familiar with Photoshop."
Dark Huntress
"High quality with best effort done from the instructor to spoon feed the desired data"
Ahmd Ibrahim
"A great introduction to dodging and burning in Photoshop. Clear instructions and tips on how to best use these techniques."
Jeff Gilbert